Zayenah Ocicats Australia – Ocicat kittens available Australia

Ozspots Silk Truffle

Pet name: Demetri
Colour: chocolate spotted silver
DOB:  3rd January 2007

Demtri was our very first Ocicat and our introduction to showing. A gorgeous boy with a wonderful personality he quickly had us hooked on Ocicats.

Bronze Double Grand Champion Ozspots Lord Arlington

Pet name: Farley
Colour: chocolate spotted
DOB: 21st April, 2007

Farley, a gorgeous rich chocolate spotted boy. Sadly we lost Farley to a spider bite several years ago.

Gold Double Grand Champion Ozspots Satin Mousse

Pet name: Anastasia
Colour: tawny spotted
DOB: 10th July 2007

Anastasia, stunning tawny spotted girl. Our special princess, already ready for a cuddle and tummy rubs.
Anastasia developed Stomatitis at a very young age and battled well until the age of 10. We miss her greatly. 

Silver Double Grand Champion Zayenah Heavenly Magic

Pet name: Hattie
Colour: tawny
DOB: 3rd August 2010

Hattie is the first girl we kept of our breeding. A wonderful outgoing, cuddly girl. Also a joy to show she did very well during her show career.  We kept 2 desexed boys from Hattie as well, both with her wonderful temperament carrying through.

Opal Double Grand Champion Zayenah Real Sugar

Pet name: Suggy
Colour: tawny spotted
DOB: 23rd March 2013

Uncle Suggy as he is known, always snuggling up to kittens and babysitting when mum is off eating. He is everyones favourite boy, charming any visitors.
Suggy has been a wonderful show cat for the last 9 years, now semi-retired only coming out for special shows at the age of 10 he has been an absolute delight on the bench and acheived the hightest title of Opal champion – a total of 9 titles. 

Zayenah Ocean Breeze

Pet name: Obi
Colour: tawny spotted
DOB: 12th March 2016

What can we say about our devilish man Obi. Full of sass and cheekiness he is a delightful character.
He was Anastasia’s cat, she formed a close bond to him when he was a tiny baby so we allowed her to ‘keep’ him rather than seeking a special home for Obi.
Born with Radial Hypoplasia (a very rare condition where a long bone is missing in the forearm) Obi doesn’t let anything slow him down, he can run, jump and climb with the best of them, knowing life no different.

Zippy - Singapura

Colour: Sepia Ticked
DOB: 12th October 2013

Zippy is a Singapura and while he was sadly not socialised well as a kitten he is Suggy’s best mate and gets along well with the other cats.
Few visitors will catch a glimpse of him, he even flees if I get too close much of the time.  We love him for who he is regardless.
Singapura’s are a native breed of Singapore, formerly the worlds smallest cat breed (now the ToyBob is smallest).

Doklao Blu Nim Jai - Korat

Pet name: Jai
Colour: Blue
DOB: 17th December 2022

Jai is our newest addition and show cat. Korats are known as the good luck cat of Thailand – an ancient natural breed they come in just one colour – blue with silver tipping and bright green eyes as adults (eye colour can take several years to come in)
like the Ocicat they are a rare breed and we are greatful to his wonderful breeders for their work preserving this wonderful breed.

Jai gets along very well with the Ocicats, all the girls mother him which he adores being a big sook. And he loves to play with everyone. Not quite as energetic as an Ocicat he comes pretty close and keeps up rather well with their antics.
Purrs when you look at him and sleeps close by for warmth. Korats have a single coat so feel the cold easily.  Sadly we lost Jai after a short illness at 9 months old.

Doklao Blu Lakha Manee - Korat

Pet name: Manee
DOB: 3rd October 2023

After we lost Jai things weren’t the same without a cheeky Korat around. Manee joined us in January 2024, he is a delightfully cheeky little boy. 
Always up to something and quick for a cuddle and purr. Manee gets along well with all the Ocicats, we hope he will enjoy being a show cat as well.