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Guarantee of current health.

The breeder guarantees the adopted kitten has been vet checked and is clinically healthy at the time of adoption. Is free from communicable diseases for a period of 72 hours from leaving Zayenah Cattery.
The kitten has been bred from health checked, registered pedigree Ocicats.
The kitten has been vaccinated twice with an F3 vaccine, administered by a qualified veterinarian at 8 & 12 weeks. If the buyer chooses to later vaccinate for FIP or FIV the warranty is void.
The kitten has been treated with a broad spectrum worming product at 8 and 12 weeks of age.  The kitten has had 2 thorough veterinary health checks at 8 & 12 weeks.

We recommend your kitten be examined by your veterinarian within 72 hours of adoption. The adopter must notify the breeder of any claim within 24 hours of a veterinary examination covered under the initial 72 hour period.
In the unlikely event the kitten is diagnosed to have contracted any serious disease or illness, the breeder will offer the following options, at the breeders discretion on condition that the kitten is returned to the breeder within 5 days.
– full refund
– or a replacement kitten, subject to nearest availability 
– or treatment for the deficiency. All procedures and prices for treatment must be discussed and agreed upon prior to treatment. We reserve the right to request a second opinion at the vet of our choosing. 

Kittens are not guaranteed against accidental death or injury at any time after adoption.

The breeder is not responsible for contagious diseases to which the adopted cat/kitten is exposed to during shipping that are not evident during the initial guarantee period. 

Guarantee against congenital defects.

The breeder guarantees the adopted kitten against congenital defects for 6 months from the date of adoption.

If within this period a qualified veterinary examination finds the adopted kitten to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life threatening congenital defect, excluding accidents or neglect, a written statement from the said veterinarian must be provided to the breeder to support this.

If the adopted kitten dies within that time as a direct result of a congenital defect, an autopsy report by a qualified veterinarian at the cost of the purchaser, must be proved to the breeder as proof of cause of death and to support any claim under this guarantee. 
The adopter must notify any claim to the breeder within 24 hours of such a veterinary examination.

Upon return of the adopted kitten and the relevant veterinarian report to the breeder, or an autopsy report in the case of a deceased kitten, the adopted kitten will be replaced with another kitten of equal value and equal guarantee.  If no replacement kitten is available at the time, the breeder will have 9 months to furnish the adopter with a satisfactory replacement. 

The adopted kitten cannot be returned under this guarantee after this guarantee period has expired.

If the adopted cat/kitten is euthanised without the prior knowledge of the breeder, except in the case where a veterinarian considers it the only humane alternative, this guarantee becomes void. 

Where a replacement kitten is requested, or where a euthanasia is requested, the adopter agrees to grand full access to all veterinary records to the breeder. Veterinary records include copies of actual visit reports from the veterinarian stating vaccinations, injuries, test results etc. during the period the kitten is owned by the adopter.
If the adopted cat/kitten is diagnosed with a minor imperfection not known at the time of adoption, that requires no treatment and does not interfere with the normal function and purpose of the adopted cat/kitten, then no replacement or refund will be given.

No refund or replacement will be given for any condition or defect caused by accident, neglect or malnutrition. 

Conditions of adoption and responsibilities of the adopter.

It is considered common cattery practice and good animal husbandry to isolate any new addition to a multi-cat household for a period of time. The adopted kitten should not be exposed to another cat or kitten that has not been vaccinated or which has had exposure to other cats or kittens that are not currently vaccinated. Exposure of the adopted kitten to diseases or hazards will immediately terminate all health guarantees or options for replacement. 

The adopter is responsible for providing immediate veterinary care to the cat/kitten in the event that it shows signs of illness or distress. Failure to do so will render this guarantee null and void.

The adopter will continue to maintain the health of the kitten with vaccination boosters by a qualified veterinarian under current vaccine protocol guidelines. And appropriate worming or parasite control programs as needed.

The adopter will keep the kitten/cat as an indoor pet throughout its life and will not permit the kitten/cat to roam outside unattended. Safe outdoor time by use of a harness & lead, cat proof garden or pet enclosure is permitted. Failure by the adopted to honour this condition will render this guarantee null and void, and the kitten/cat may be reclaimed by the breeder for the protection of the kitten/cat. 

The adopter will provide the kitten/cat with an appropriate diet, and water at all times.

If at any time the cat needs to be rehomed, we ask to be notified and will offer assistance in rehoming. There is no refund for rehoming.

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**This agreement is available for public viewing, it may therefore be inferred that the purchaser agrees to the conditions of adoption and is bound by them