Zayenah Ocicats Australia – Ocicat kittens available Australia

We do keep a waiting list for pet and show neuter Ocicat kittens, most of our kittens are reserved prior to being born. Kittens not retained for our breeding program and are offered in order of the waiting list.

Price for our desexed Ocicat kittens or show neuter kittens: $2500
Kittens available Australia wide and world wide.

Please email for prices on our breeding cats.
*Please note: We do not sell breeding cats within Australia, international enquiries will be considered

Travel Costs

We make all travel arrangements for kittens going interstate or overseas, all the new owners need to do it meet their kitten at the airport. Costs vary depending on location, within Australia $250-$300 is the average cost. 

A new PP20 Airline approved travel crate and soft blanket are included in travel costs. We never use airline hire crates for our precious bubs, only brand new crates, yours to keep that will suit your Oci baby into adult hood.

Travel is booked via an experienced animal transport agency, for the best of care on their journey. 

Our kittens leave at minimum 13-14 weeks old, as required in the code of ethics set out by GCCFSA who we are registered with. Please do not ask us to release a kitten any sooner, along with being a rule we will not break with our governing body – research shows kittens staying with their mothers for at least 12 weeks is to their benefit for health and emotional development.
As we also desex our kittens prior to adoption, it’s important the kittens have some recovery time before going to their new home. 

Raising our kittens

Kittens are born in our bedroom. We are present at every birth, ensuring all goes well. Our Ocicat girls stay with their kittens the entire time they are here, we do not early wean or remove mum from her kittens. She will nurse them beyond them starting on solids, which provides healthy antibodies for the immune system, by watching mum kittens learn how to eat solid foods and use a litter tray, she will also teach them how to play and use a scratching post.

Around 8 weeks of age kittens and mum venture into the main part of the house. This ensures they are well socialised to the usual household sounds. 

Much time is devoted to the kittens and cats, they are brilliant time wasters. We also regularly show our Ocicats so they are judged on a national level to ensure we are breeding cats “to type” – the written standard for each breed. 

Raised to the highest standards, we feed our cats and kittens top quality foods and meats, your kitten will be seen by a feline specialist breeding clinic for health checks, vaccinations, microchipping and desexing. 

A written copy of their health check is provided, this is an extensive check covering:
  • Bite
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Spine & tail
  • Elbow joints
  • Hip joints
  • Patellas
  • General movement and flexibility
  • Heart
  • Lungs & breathing
  • Testicles descended on males
  • Anus/Vulva/Penis check
  • Umbilical area check
  • Overall health condition
All kittens leave:
  • Desexed, with a desexing certificate from our vet (sometimes required for your local council registration)
  • Vaccinated twice with F3 vaccine at 8 and 12 weeks of age
  • Microchipped, including lifetime registration with Central Animal Registry (CAR) 
  • Worm and flea free, wormed with Milbemax broad spectrum wormer
  • Litter trained
  • Written health guarantee – click here to view or contact for a PDF file
  • Well socialised
  • 30 days free (no obligation) insurance with Trupanion
  • Pedigree papers registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy SA, your kitten will have their own unique registration number directly into your name and sent out by the GCCFSA Registrar. 
  • Full sized photos are available on request, or can be downloaded via our online albums, links available on request. 

Our kittens leave with a kitten pack stuffed with goodies to help them settle into their new homes, with foods they are familiar with, a small collection of toys & teasers and a blanket that smells like mum and litter mates. Kittens flying interstate receive a smaller selection that will safely fit into their carry box. 

Kittens are to be kept indoors to keep them safe. Ocicats are easily trained, and can be taught to walk on a lead so they can enjoy some outside time without any risks to their health. An outdoor enclosure or aviary is another option.

All kittens must leave in an approved carry box, please do not arrive without one. 

We love to hear about our kittens growing up in their new homes, please feel free to email with photos, stories and questions. We understand life can change and ask that we are contacted should the need to re-home arise.